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How PowerDot Can Help With Arthritis

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that in the United States alone, 23% of adults have arthritis. That’s more than 54 million people. Of these, roughly 24 million adults are limited by arthritis in their daily activities due to its symptoms, which include pain, swelling, stiffness, and a decreased range of motion.

Very generally, the causes of arthritis come down to the swelling and tenderness of joints. There are various types of arthritis. For instance, rheumatoid arthritis is when your immune system attacks your joints. Osteoarthritis causes your cartilage to break down. Regardless of the type, the consensus is the same: Arthritis can significantly decrease your quality of life.

While arthritis treatment commonly includes medication, there’s an alternative (or supplement): electric muscle stimulation. This can be a safe, reliable, and powerful way to fight the pain and limited range of motion brought on by arthritis.

Using Electric Muscle Stimulation for Arthritis Treatment

Electric muscle stimulation (EMS) offers a number of benefits to the user, one of which is a decrease in pain. This is what makes it viable as a form of arthritis treatment.

Let’s get a little more specific, though.

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation for Arthritis



We’ve talked before TENS versus NMES (neuromuscular electrostimulation, often called EMS), and this plays a role in addressing arthritis. 

In particular, TENS sends an electrical signal to your nerves that can override your body’s pain signals. Additionally, it can trigger the release of your brain’s natural painkillers, endorphins.

According to the Arthritis Foundation, TENS can help both acute (short-term) and chronic (long-term) pain due to arthritis. It can even reduce your reliance on pain medication. In fact, one review determined that approximately half of the people who use TENS for arthritis treatment will experience a 50% reduction in their pain.

TENS is an excellent aid in the fight against arthritis, but that doesn’t mean that NMES doesn’t serve a role, as well.


NMES and Arthritis

 While NMES plays a different part, it can still work hand-in-hand with TENS. But let’s discuss what it is, first.

NMES makes your muscles contract by applying electrical impulses to your nerves. As a result, blood flow increases, nutrient distribution improves, your muscles can become stronger, and you’re less prone to injury.

Science seemingly agrees that people suffering from arthritis can benefit from NMES. In one study published in Applied Nursing Research, participants reported a 22% decrease in pain in knee arthritis 15 minutes after being treated with NMES. Another study suggested that electrical stimulation could improve grip strength and fatigue in people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and muscle atrophy of the hand.

More research will always be helpful, but overwhelmingly, the results are positive. This makes NMES a good candidate for arthritis treatment because it supports weak joints. While it doesn’t directly target pain, it encourages other facets that will indirectly reduce your pain. Using it as a consistent, long-term approach can support your muscles and joints and thus help offset the symptoms of arthritis.

Thus, using a combination of both TENS and NMES is a safe bet in managing arthritis. How can you do this?

Improve Arthritis Symptoms With PowerDot

 A combination of the two might be the stronger approach, but that’s not how science and medicine have always handled it. In the past, you could typically find a TENS unit reasonably priced over-the-counter. However, it can be challenging to confirm the safety and efficacy of such products, and they’re not usually FDA-approved. 

Plus, these TENS units focus solely on that — TENS. The benefits of NMES are nowhere to be found. While it might provide some benefits, this type of device leaves a lot to be desired.

So, we raised the bar and built a device that does it all.

Not only is PowerDot an FDA-approved product, but we’ve incorporated the very best of both TENS and NMES in a single device. If you’re trying to treat your arthritis symptoms, you’re going to get the best of both worlds.

Because we know that both TENS and NMES offer immense benefits to people suffering from arthritis, we’ve designed programs that accommodate each one. Smart TENS is a revolutionary way to relieve pain. To create your own specialized program, select the type of pain you’re experiencing (chronic or acute), choose the area of your pain (arthritis of the knee, arthritis of the hip, etc.), and set your pain tolerance. 

Your device will use this information to build a program unique to you to help relieve your arthritis symptoms. No more generic programs that are the same for everyone. You can even track your pain score for each body part over time, making for a truly customized experience. 

However, you’ll still get to enjoy the more traditional benefits of electric muscle stimulation, including:

  • Improved muscle strength, size, density, and endurance
  • Better blood circulation
  • Reduced inflammation

It goes so far beyond pain management. PowerDot aims to really get to the root of the issue. Yes, pain management is important; but if you can improve the problems that are causing you pain in the first place, you’ll find yourself in an even better position.

However severe your pain might be, regardless of your activity level, and no matter what type of arthritis you’re dealing with, PowerDot can help.

An Important Note

None of this is to say that medication isn’t safe or necessary. Always talk to your doctor about the best plan for you. Simply keep in mind that a device like PowerDot could take away the need for medication, or you could use it in addition so that you can improve your arthritis further.

Arthritis can make it a struggle to get through your daily responsibilities safely and comfortably. But with the right tools, you can live your life without feeling overwhelmed by pain and discomfort. Using electrical stimulation and combining the powers of TENS and NMES can noticeably improve your symptoms. 


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