Mudgar by Move with kinetics (5 kg)

Rs. 5,200.00


Not sold in pairs
Originally practiced by wrestlers and warriors in India and Persia to strengthen their arms and torso, the Mudgar is known by several names across World. Some of these being Indian Clubs, Krlakattai, Mudgar, Mace.
Originally made from wood, it’s unique shape allows an athlete to strengthen their shoulders, fore arms and wrist. These are also an excellent tool to bring flexibility in movement as well as to strengthen the core muscles.
The beauty of Mudgar lies in its versatility. It can be used equally well in mobility routines, strength training as well as cardio vascular exercises.
@MoveWithKinetics was born out of passion of a couple towards staying fit and their love for exploring Indian fitness regimes and traditions.
Each one of our Mudgar passes through stringent quality maintainance process.
It starts from hours of scouring for the perfect wood followed by countless hours of hand crafting the Mudgar which involves turning, making it smooth while making sure that each Mudgar is dimensionally symmetrical to ensure distribution of weight across its length as prescribed in traditional texts.
The crafted Mudgar is then hand polished and tested for weight, weight distribution, symmetry and ease of flow.
The detailing goes in ensuring perfect grip which makes it a joy to swing our mudgars.

Material: Hard Wood found near deserts of Rajasthan. The wood is treated to ensure that our Mudgars weigh exactly the same even after 5 years of using them. A lot of times, Mudgar weighs more when created due to wood retaining moisture which it loses slowly.
Weight: 5 kg
Hand polished with best quality non-toxic Polish to ensure non slipry grip and elegant looks while still maintaining natural beauty of grains of wood from which it is created.