Bumber plates

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Strength train with tailored weight for your individual fitness level and needs with these Black Bumper Plates. Adjust the level of endurance and change resistance levels at any time by adding and removing the plates on your bar to meet your goals of defining or building muscle. These bumper plates can be used for a variety of exercises in including targeted arm workouts, squats and crunches.

These multi-purpose plates feature a quality rubber construction, stainless steel hubs, and an all-black finish with Wod Armour logo and weight indications. Our Plates have the consistent dead bounce, durability, and distinctive smooth finish. 


With Steel ring to easily remove the plates 

5KG Black Bumper Plate
10KG Black Bumper Plate
15KG Black Bumper Plate
20KG Black Bumper Plate
25KG Black Bumper Plate

Dimensions: Diameter outer=450mm | Diameter inner=50.6mm
5KG Thickness=27mm
10kg Thickness=48mm
20kg thickness=82mm
25kg thickness=88mm