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Thoracic Spine and Posture Correction Using Foam Roller

The spine which is located in the upper back and abdomen area is known as Thoracic Spine. The thoracic spine is located between the cervical spines in the neck to lumbar spine in the lower back. The thoracic spine provides stability to the body. The thoracic spine holds the body upright and protects the important organs of the body.

While thoracic spine is stable and its strong construction can also be a source of pain like –

  • Muscular pain
  • Improper functioning of joints
  • Arthritis



How mobility of thoracic spine affects the body?

  • Shoulder Flexibility
  • Problem on the neck
  • Instability in the lower back

How to increase the flexibility of the thoracic spine?

Every day we are involved in activities which require us to bend this section of our body continuously for hours. The objective is to create an extension in this part to get rid of the pain.

There are a number of exercises to get rid of the pain in the upper back. But the most popular one is with the help of a Foam Roller.

  • The technique is to keep the foam roller under the upper back, with bent knees and flat feet on the ground.
  • A person can keep his hands behind his head or across his chest and the upper body bends in backward direction over the roller. Extend the thoracic spine as far as you are comfortable to do.


  • When you hit a spot where it is hurting hold there for about 20-30 seconds.
  • This can be repeated with keeping the roller higher up or down wherever one feels comfortable and feels the need for the extension.
  • One should only keep the roller in an upper and middle back. Keeping the roller in the neck area can have adverse effects.

This exercise will take away the tightness in the muscles that may have happened due to the bad posture at the office or wrong sleeping position last night. Daily life can have a huge impact on your posture and back. Which can lead to problems like slipped discs, muscle pain and you will face with the need to get the expensive surgeries done or take time off from work. But, with making these foam rollers part of your life just for 5 minutes can have long term benefits.

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