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6 Golden rules of Weight Loss - wodarmour

6 Golden rules of Weight Loss

An article by 'Coach Ali Mohammed' (owner of 'Crossfit by Ali')

So you are all geared up for losing weight. New type of diet, new gym and a new set of fitness accessories. But hey, while the technicalities of the weight loss process is in place, how do you plan to address the behavioral, emotional and mental aspects of weight loss? Yup, weight loss has the other side to it as well. And you MUST address them for a positive result.

1. Know #WHY Why do you wish to lose weight? For a college reunion? To dance at a family wedding? Or to impress your new crush? What's your goal?! Short-term goals cause stress because you work towards a quick remedy. Constant stress releases a hormone Cortisol in your body which can increase your weight instead of decreasing. Which is why, have a real reason. Say, excessive weight is unhealthy. And thus, bring the focus to yourself and set a realistic goal.

2. #DITCH the scale Weigh yourself only once a week. Frequent weighing, say once or multiple times a day, can negatively affect your mood. There’ll be daily fluctuations in your weight due to water retention and levels of glycogen stores. Ditch the scale. Instead, let your clothes be an indicator of how you’re doing.

3. #WRITE it down Keep a journal. Document your food, exercise, mood and hunger levels. It helps you understand your hunger pattern. Do you eat only when you are hungry or do you indulge in emotional eating, etc. Know yourself.

4.Have #PATIENCE You cannot lose 10 pounds of weight overnight. When you lose weight, you lose a combination of fat, water and muscle. The goal is to preserve the muscle tissue through strength training and an increase in the dietary protein so that your weight loss comes primarily from fat tissues. This occurs only when weight loss is slow and steady.

5. Dont #COMPARE. Don't compare your weight loss journey with somebody else’s. Just like your fitness plan is customized to your need, your journey is also unique.

6. Go #SLOW Eat slowly, and stop when you are 80% full. This approach will increase appetite awareness and your body will learn to listen to hunger cues / body sensations. Needless to mention you’ll consume less calories.

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