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Mindful Breathing

The act of using the breath as an object of concentration to help you focus to ease stress and anxiety.

Why Mindful Breathing

Mindful breathing has been a cornerstone of Zen Buddhist practices and teachings originating in China during the Tang dynasty. It helps replenish the body of oxygen and allows your mind to focus on the present.

In modern times mindful breathing is used by many medical professionals, athletes and military personal to help reduce stress and anxiety.

By using Melo, these simple yet effective practices are accessible by you to practice during your daily life.

Mindful Breathing Benefits


Free your mind from the small stuff. By breathing deeply and mindfully you can focus on the tasks that really matter and let your creativity flow.

Awareness & Performancs

Focusing completely on the ebb and flow of our breathing allows us to become more aware of our emotions and physical being, bringing clarity and control to daily tasks.

Reduced Heart rate

Studies show links between deep breathing and activation of the parasympathetic nervous system, increasing oxygenation of the body. This in turn decreases heart rate and blood pressure.

Stress Reduction

Stress challenges us everyday, and how we deal with it can make all the difference. Mindful control over breathing can alter your mental state, balancing your emotions and reducing an over-active and over-thinking brain.

Managing Anxiety

Deep breathing exercises are an effective and proven method of reducing feelings of anxiety. Taking that moment to calm yourself can help you cope with problems playing on your mind.



A basic form of box breathing for the beginner to learn and move up a level.

The key to mastering this is to keep your breathe control at the front of your mind and relax your body before you start.



Known as box breathing, this is suggested for people who feel they can do a bit more.

This technique is used by athletes and US Navy Seals to deal with stressful situations and to keep them focused when needed most. It is known to lower blood pressure and provide an almost immediate sense of calm.



For anyone who wants a real challenge and wants to get the full advantage of mindful breathing.

This technique was popularised by Harvard trained Dr. Andrew Weil (teacher of integrative medicine) and based on an ancient yogi technique called ‘Pranayama’, to help users gain control over their breathing.

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