As a former Navy Seal, Josh Bridges’ body was put through extreme tests. He didn’t stop there. During his active duty he started competing in CrossFit®. It would ultimately lead to him competing as one of the top CrossFit Games® athletes in the world.

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Josh Bridges knows about as well as anyone the importance of proper recovery. Not only has it helped him back from injuries, it has also allowed him to maintain throughout training and competition. He uses PowerDot prior to intense workouts to warm up as well as post workout to increase his bodies ability to recover quickly. Something that has allowed him to continue competing at the highest level.


Not just
for elite athletes

“I wish I'd had the PowerDot when I was in the military. If I was able to do some quick muscle therapy and recovery after rucking 100 pounds of gear for 15 miles, that would've been incredible. Everyone should have access to this technology, not just elite athletes.” - Josh Bridges

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PowerDot will help your body perform better, recover faster, and feel it’ best. With a intuitive mobile app and 10+ preset programs, PowerDot provides access to world class muscle stimulation. Enhance your journey through health & wellness, and experience the world’s smartest muscle performance and recovery tool.

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