How to Improve your Lymphatic Drainage

How Does The Lymph System Work?

It still amazes me that we expose our bodies to between 700,000 and 2.1 million toxic chemicals per day! Its in everything! Our food, our cleaning products our clothes, furniture and even the products we wash and clean out body with! With this statistic it should be no surprise that our lymph system (which is responsible from removing all the waste products from our body) is struggling to keep up with the job thats constantly ahead of it.

If the lymphatic system isnt doing its job properly then unwanted waste products build up in the body which is linked to chronic inflammation and some diseases.

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How Does the Lymph System Work?

How to Improve My Lymphatic Drainage

  1. Massage: Lymphatic massage can help free toxins from the body. Research has shown the massage can improve lymphatic flow by up to 80%
  2. Compression Therapy: NormaTec boots compression therapy are scientifically designed to simulate the bodys natural muscle pump system and help drain the lymph fluid up the legs via compressing in segmented compartments. These boots can be used for 30min at Koa Recovery for $30 and feel like a deep pressure massage.
  3. Keep Active: Keeping active and alternating your posture regularly is really important if you want to allow the body's natural muscle pump work efficient.
  4. Plenty of Water and Raw fruits and Vegetables: Your lymph fluid requires water to flow. Raw food also contain enzymes which help to great down toxins helping your lymphatic system excrete waste products.
  5. Deep Breathing: Deep breathing helps exhale carbon dioxide, a waster product in our body.
  6. Alternating Temperatures: Alternating between hot and cold like turning the shower to hot and cold and using whole body cryotherapy helps stimulate the lymph system via vasodialation and vasoconstriction. The expansion and contraction of the blood vessels helps circulate fluid through the lymphatic system.
  7. Wear Loose Clothing: Tight clothing constricts the lymphatic flow - be loose and free.

The lymph system works using a network of tubules which are spread throughout the entire body. Waste products are collected from the cells in the tubules and then transported out of the body via lymph fluid.

If your drainage system is 'slugglish' your body will not be excreting the waste products the way it needs to in order to remain healthy.

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