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'Get disciplined with fitness' by Shobhit Raina

Before beginning, I would like to thank you for this opportunity to be here.  I am currently in my 2nd year of B.Tech in Chemical Engineering from IIT Kanpur. I belong to a Kashmiri family and was born in Jammu. We shifted to Chandigarh 9 years back. Being a fitness enthusiast I help others to get fit, make YouTube videos on fitness stuff and write articles for and which covers everything regarding fitness and bodybuilding world.



My parents wanted me to get into IIT. I had to really work hard to get there but I also made sure that I take out time from my studies and coaching .For around one and a half year, I did basic bodyweight exercises and calisthenics. It slowly started to become an addiction. The day I gave my IIT exam, I joined the gym. Since then, I have been regular and have maintained the same fervor as before.


In these 4 years I have put in steady but continuous efforts which have given great results. Fitness and good health plays a vital role in my life. I currently weigh 86 kgs at 5'11 and am pretty much satisfied with my physique. Due to this fitness regime I have also become disciplined in other spheres of life. I had no trainers in my college so I started reading a lot about fitness. My knowledge about fitness got me into win-win situation when I started writing fitness articles and was getting paid for it.




I follow a flexible diet and am pretty much aware of my body so I know what suits my body. I keep changing my routines every 2-3 weeks because muscle confusion is a big factor in building muscles. I follow my own routines and have 

even shared these in my articles.

 My goal in life is to make an impact on as many people as possible. often people who say that I have inspired them to become fit as well as focus on professional front, as I come from an IIT background.I share my knowledge with my friends in college and online so now, there are some two thousand other people who are following me and getting motivated. There were challenges which I face as a part of my hostel life as sometimes I don’t have access to health food and at times the sleeping pattern also gets disturbed.

Then there is the question of having calorie conscious meals which is not possible when you are having healthy but hearty mess food. This is why I tried the IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) diet for a while that lets you eat everything within your daily calorie intake limit. But it also requires highly scrutinised calorie counting which had me counting everything I was ingesting and taking my weight scale with me everywhere I go. All this got exhausting pretty fast and that is why since then I follow a simple diet only where I just stay conscious of what and how much I am eating. It takes only discipline and determination to reach those health milestones of yours and with the right guidance, the entire journey becomes all the more exciting!


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