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Theragun mini 2nd Gen vs Theragun mini 1st Gen

Therabody launched their newest Theragun mini (2nd Gen) model in late 2022 as an upgrade to the previous 4th generation model that was released in mid-2020.

We’ll dive into our Theragun mini (2nd Gen) vs Theragun mini (1st Gen) review to figure out if it is worth the upgrade for you.

Theragun mini (2nd Gen)

The Smallest & Lightest Yet

Theragun power, packed into an ultra-portable package that's now 20% smaller and 30% lighter.

Theragun mini (1st Gen)

Ultra-Portable Treatment

The mini is your pocket-sized partner, giving you Theragun quality muscle treatment with unparalleled portability.


1. Power & Performance

Theragun mini (2nd Gen) vs Theragun mini (1st Gen)

Theragun mini (1st Gen)

The Theragun mini packs all the great things about Theragun’s percussive therapy into a compact and portable device that was designed for travel so you can get the relief you need, wherever you are.

Like its predecessor, the Theragun mini (2nd Gen) features an amplitude of 12 mm, 3-speed settings of 1,750, 2,100, and 2,400 PPMs (percussions per minute) and their proprietary brushless motor with QuietForce Technology™.

One new addition to the 2nd Gen model is the ability to connect to the Therabody app via Bluetooth. With the app, you can unlock personalised routines for your recovery or even try out programmes that are meant to help with sleep and stress. The app also provides guidance to help you alleviate pain symptoms and treat specific ailments like tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, and more.

2. Design & Display

Theragun mini (2nd Gen) vs Theragun mini (1st Gen)

Theragun mini (2nd Gen)

When it comes to design, the Theragun mini (2nd Gen) retains the ergonomic triangle shape and grip of its predecessor. However, the newer model has been redesigned to be 20% smaller & 30% lighter, making it all the more convenient to toss it into your bag when you’re heading out for your workout.

A great thing about the new 2nd Gen model is that it includes 3 attachments instead of just the regular Standard Ball attachment found in the 1st Gen model. Now, you also get the Dampener & Thumb attachments that are more versatile for different use cases.

3. Battery & Charging

Theragun mini (2nd Gen) vs Theragun mini (1st Gen)

Theragun mini (1st Gen)

The new Theragun mini (2nd Gen) is now upgraded with an all-new fast USB-C charging. Previously, the mini used a unique charging cable and adapter, which may have been cumbersome to bring around. With the new USB-C charging, you can share among your cables for a whole lot more convenience.

One downside of the new model when it comes to the battery is the shorter lifespan. In the previous model, a full charge will give you up to 150 minutes of usage. This is now reduced to 120 minutes in the 2nd Gen model. Potentially, the decrease in the size and weight might have been a trade-off for the battery size and hence the shorter battery life.

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