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Thera Gun - Massage Reinvented

Our Tech
We are percussive therapy


Scientifically-calibrated for optimal results.

Every Theragun houses a powerful industrial-grade Japanese motor, engineered to precisely deliver 16 mm of Amplitude at a speed of 40 percussions per second on the body. We carefully tested this calibration of depth and speed to ensure our devices offer the most effective professional-grade percussive therapy treatment available for pain relief, enhanced performance, and accelerated recovery.

Our proprietary 16 mm Amplitude provides deep muscle relief and enhanced repair, decreasing pain and increasing range of motion.


Proprietary gearbox


Proprietary gearbox | Engineered from the inside out.

We worked closely with mechanical, industrial, and sound engineers from MIT to design and construct the high-precision mechanics that power our Theragun devices’ functional elements. The result? A fully re-engineered proprietary gearbox, built for maximum efficacy and reliability.

Every Theragun device’s build incorporates state-of-the-art sound insulation techniques to provide a 50% quieter experience from earlier models, without compromising our strict performance requirements.


icon for downward force

Pro-level power

The G3PRO’s high-quality industrial-grade motor is expressly designed to deliver up to 60 lbs of force, for professionals and users who require the deepest treatment experience without stalling.





Attachments | Targeted treatment for every muscle.

Our founder, chiropractor Dr. Jason Wersland, designed each of our unique Attachments to cater to everybody’s needs, providing targeted, area-specific relief for every muscle group.

Featuring differing levels of firmness in precisely engineered shapes, each Attachment is doctor-tested and made of closed cell PU foam, which is antimicrobial and non-porous. Our attachments glide easily on skin and clothes, while lotions, oils, and sweat can be easily wiped away, making them more hygienic.


Two-Speed Icon


2 tried-and-true speeds.

Both the G3PRO and G3 feature 2 highly effective speeds. In addition to our standard treatment speed of 40 percussions per second, we offer a lighter treatment speed of 29 percussions per second, purposefully calibrated for sensitive, sore areas.



Adjustable Arm


Adjustable arm | Designed with the pros in mind.

We engineered our G3PRO’s adjustable arm with thoughtful ergonomics, built to deliver up to 60 lbs of force from any arm position. Our founder, chiropractor Dr. Jason Wersland specially designed this intuitive feature to maximize the effects of percussive therapy and optimize every treatment session.

Whether treating muscles or fascia - which often requires a 45° angle of application - the adjustable arm allows users to apply the most targeted treatment needed. Treat up to 90% of the body from 4 different treatment angles in conjunction with the unique multi-grip handle for fully customizable, highly effective percussive therapy results.


Battery Icon

Continuous battery life.

The G3PRO is the only percussive therapy device on the market that features 2 high-capacity Samsung Lithium-ion 4 cell 2.5 amp batteries, swappable for a continuous run time so users can take their pro-treatment anywhere.



Ergonomically Sound

Ergonomically sound.

Perfectly weighted and ergonomically sound, our unique multi-grip design is expressly designed to maximize ease, comfort, and usability, with zero stress or pressure on forearms, hands, and wrists - whether you’re treating yo

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