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The Ripped Freak Training Program - wodarmour

The Ripped Freak Training Program

Written By: Alex Savva 

Credits : Muscle & Strength

Get the most out of your workout with the The Ripped Freak Training Program and 5-Minute Ripped Solution, designed to help you maximize muscle growth, increase performance, and burn fat!

Workout Description

Day Workout
Monday Workout 1: Chest & Back + 5-Minute Ripped Solution
Tuesday Cardio/Cross-Training
Wednesday Workout 2: Legs
Thursday Rest or Cardio/Cross-Training
Friday Workout 3: Shoulders & Arms + 5-Minute Ripped Solution
Saturday 5-min Ripped Solution + Core Work
Sunday Rest or 5-min Ripped Solution + Core Work (optional)


5 Minute Ripped Solution

The 5-minute Ripped Solution is based on research conducted at the German Sport University which showed that just 4 sets of 30 second all-out performance promoted more anabolic processes than 130 minutes of endurance training, due to higher increases of growth hormone, testosterone, and the T/C ratio (testosterone to cortisol ratio). Research shows that short, intense workouts like this can increase exercise performance, insulin sensitivity (so you’re your body can process sugar more efficiently) and fat burning.

Time (secs.) Exercise Exertion Level (1-10)
0-30 Jump Squats 10
30-90 Walk Around/Recover 2-3
90-120 Burpees 10
120-180 Walk Around/Recover 2-3
180-210 Mountain Climbers 10
210-270 Walk Around/Recover 2-3
270-300 Jumping Lunges



ow: Make sure you are fully warmed up before you attempt this brutal interval. This is an all-out 30-second interval followed by a full minute of rest. To get the most out of this protocol you must give each exercise 100% and repeat it for 4 total sets.

I recommend beginners start with 2 minutes of rest between all-out sets and gradually progress to 1-minute rest periods. If you do this properly, and give it everything you have, you will feel like you got the wind knocked out of you. Yes, it’s only 5 minutes but it’s brutal and it works.

When: Perform the 5-minute Ripped Solution right after your weight training sessions to tap into your fat stores for that extra calorie burn. You’ll notice that I didn’t add this to leg day. Your wheels will be fried from hitting them with squats, lunges, etc., and you’ll need them to reach the necessary intensity required to reap the benefits of this brief and intense protocol.

If you’re strapped for time and can’t fit in a whole workout, hit the 5-minute Ripped Solution. Trying the solution on rest days along with some core work is also a good option, as I’ve suggested in the weekly workout schedule.


Workout 1: Chest & Back Sets Reps
1A. Incline Dumbbell Press 3-4 6-8
1B. Chin-Ups 3-4 6-8
2A. Flat Dumbbell Fly 2-3 10-12
2B. Lat Pulldowns 2-3 10-12
3A. Seated Cable Rows 2-3 10-12
3B. Push-Ups 1 Max
Workout 2: Legs Sets Reps
1A. Barbell Squats 3-4 6-8
1B. Dumbbell Lunges 3-4 6-8
2A. Lying Hamstring Curls 2-3 10-12
2B. Leg Press 2-3 10-12
2C. Standing Calf Raises 2-3 12-15
Workout 3: Shoulders & Arms Sets Reps
1A. Dumbbell Shoulder Press 3-4 6-8
1B. Lateral Dumbbell Raise 3-4 6-8
2A. Triceps Pushdown 2-3 10-12
2B. Barbell Curl 2-3 10-12
3A. Dips 2-3 12-15
3B. Alternating Dumbbell Curls 2-3 12-15


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