Free diet plan for weight loss

Diet plan

Modern Hero Mealplan is a flexible meal planning tool for every day. It is a three-meals-a-day plan and it is designed for weight loss and weight maintenance. There are no calorie restrictions in the Modern Hero Mealplan (MHM) instead it is designed to help you make healthier and more balanced food choices and make sure your body gets all it needs to get healthy and fit and stay that way.

In this mealplan your every meal is built around fruit and vegetables. They should take up half of your plate every time you sit down to eat. Next you want to make sure you have enough protein with your meal. Add an item from the PROTEIN options list to your plate. For energy and good digestion add another item from the CARB list and one more from HEALTHY FATS. Mix and match items and keep your menu varied for optimal health and nutrition.

Fruit, berries, vegetables and mushrooms are completely unlimited but they have to be part of your meal as there is no in-between-meals snacking in this plan.

Measuring the amounts
You can have a go-to cup (a measuring cup or a cup that fits the volume of a measuring cup) at hand to help guide you. You don’t have to be precise with the amounts. Eventually you’ll be able to measure by just looking at your plate.

Meal timing
It’s highly recommended that you don’t snack in between meals. Allow a minimum of four hours to pass before your next meal to allow your blood glucose to stabilize and insulin levels to drop.

Modern Hero Mealplan and Intermittent Fasting
This plan can be adjusted to fit an intermittent fasting pattern if you are currently on one. To do that drop one of the meals (breakfast or dinner, depending on your personal preference) and instead increase the volume of the other two meals accordingly.

Cheat meals
It’s perfectly ok to have cheat meals as long as it’s not too often. If you are not currently trying to get trimmer it’s perfectly alright to add a couple of scoops of ice cream or chocolate for dessert twice a week. If you are having a pizza night, that’s totally cool too - just make sure the rest of your meals for the day follow the formula to balance it out.


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