Follow these three tips to save your spine and relieve back pain.

Relieving lower back pain should not be approached using the “band-aid” method: focusing on the exact site of the chronic pain as the source of the problem. Here are three ways to kill lower back pain that you may not have thought of before.

1. Foam Roll Your Hip Flexors

Tight hip flexors can be the culprit of back pain because when they’re short and tight, they can pull the spine into an overarched position and cause unwanted forward flexion. To really increase hip range of motion, you’ll need a foam roller.

2. Look at Your Shoulder Mobility

It sounds strange, but improving the range of motion you can achieve at the shoulder joint can actually reduce low back stress. Whenever you press something overhead or reach above the body to pull something down from above, you’re extending the shoulder joint through a long range of motion. A person with poor mobility may try to compensate for limited ROM by placing their back into extension. This can cause spinal compression, pull the hips forward and cause back pain.

Opening up the shoulders through Shoulder dislocates can serve as a quick mobilization strategy pre-workout. 

3. Engage Your Glutes

The gluteal muscles contract downwards so they actually decompress the spine. That can get rid of a lot of back stress. Focus on exercises that activate the glutes, and work on keeping a relatively neutral spine while doing them. 


Article credit

 Lee Boyce, CPT coachleeboyce


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    Thanks for sharing this post. It’s very well written. Strengthening my core muscles has helped a lot with relieving my lower back pain. I just finished reading this article over at and would love to get your thoughts. Thanks heaps again for the tips, I’m sitting on the fence if I should sign up or not…Cheers!

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    We love our physical therapist! Great recommendations. My youngest daughter is a competitive soccer player and follows the recommendations religiously. We see so many patients with low back pain in our office as well at I really appreciate your contributions!

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