Elite Olympic Lifting Barbell ( 15 KG)

Rs. 22,999.00

Rs. 20,999.00

Popularly used by Crossfit women with 25 mm diameter is the perfect for crossfit & weightlifting.

With premium features including ten bearings for smoothness in the sleeves and a precision whip.

This Women's Olympic Barbell is ideal for competition Olympic Weightlifting or training for competition.

The 15kg Elite Barbell has a 1500 Lbs weight limit ensuring you aren't able to over load it.

The IPF + IWF6 knurling is traditional to an Olympic Weightlifting Bar.

The 8 bearing design provides incredibly smooth and responsive spin.

The Olympic end sleeves are precisely machine finished to accommodate all 2” (50mm) Olympic diameter discs.

The attention to detail on the Elite Barbell allows for an excellent whip and long-term performance which will outlast all your workouts.

The measure of a good barbell is the tensile strength or the breaking point. Any barbell over 165 000 PSI is considered suitable. The WOD Armour Premium Barbell 2.0 has a massive 215 000 PSI tensile strength making it super strong for all your workouts!


  • Weight: 15KG
  • 215 000 PSI strength
  • Length of Bar: 2010mm
  • Maximum Load: 540kg
  • Shaft Diameter: 25mm
  • Sleeve Diameter: 50mm
  • System: 8 Bearings 
  • Fully Teflon coating to prevent against rust