Competition KettleBell

Rs. 4,499.00

  • HIGH-GRADE ALL-STEEL: Competition Kettlebell, High quality, durable and strong - made from sturdy steel, designed to last.
  • TOTAL BODY WORKOUT: Kettlebell training is perfect for improving functional strength and endurance through a variety of compound movements targeting major muscle groups and activation twitch muscle fibres.
  • ERGONOMIC GRIP: The Fitness Kettlebells are ergonomically designed to support your hand grip and offer extra comfort during your exercise workout routine.
  • WEIGHT & SIZE VARIATIONS SOLD SEPARATELY: The Kettlebells range from 4kg to 32kg to suit both beginner and advanced athletes and weightlifting enthusiasts. Please check the drop down menu.
  • COLOURED AND LABELLED: Brightly coloured to differentiate between the different weights, with a clear bold label on the kettlebell too. Ideal for commercial gyms and your home.

Kettlebells are the ultimate fitness partner, helping develop functional strength, power, endurance, core stability and balance - the total workout tool.Available in a variety of sizes and colours, you can find the perfect Kettlebell for you, to help elevate your workouts and add diversity to your fitness regime.


Weight selection ranges from 4KG to 32KG
Ergonomically designed for whole body functional training
Work out broad range of muscle groups
Big results in less time than traditional weight training.
It takes up minimal space at home so you can tuck it away easily.