Hexa Dumbells

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Our Rubber Hex Dumbbells feature a hexagonal design that makes them easy to place into a rack or on the floor without the risk of the dumbbells rolling away. The contoured handles give the user a secure grip that lets you feel "one" with the handle. Whether you're hitting heavy numbers with 100 Kgs or getting a sweat in with a some 10s, these dumbbells are perfect for the job at hand. These dumbbells feature knurling engraved into the handle for comfort and grip strength. This unique design prevents cracking and breaking if dropped. 

• Contoured Handles
• Knurled handles
• Hex design prevents rolling

All smaller Rogue Dumbbells up to 5 kg feature a 25MM diameter handle, while those 7.5kg and up have a larger 35MM diameter handle.