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VOODOO REALLY???.... - wodarmour


( Article by " Abhishek singh" Master trainer at Ballistic Kettle Bell Fitness Academy and Crossfit Level 1 trainer .)

'Voodoo', as the name suggests works like magic without any solid scientific backing, though there are ample clinical proofs and happy faces to try it time and again to calm your inflamed muscles, achy joints and may be add some range of motion too.

My first encounter wasn't much promising either.

My mentor,who happens to be a doctor of some repute in Kolkata wore this rubber-band kind of a thing, primarily to alleviate the nagging knee pain and supposedly to increase hip internal rotation.

I am always skeptical towards these fancy fitness accessories and stem my firm belief in old-school gymnastic mobility methods, I just laughed at this weird idea. But, for he remains my mentor, who enjoys a strong hold in the kettlebell community in India, so I decided to not give it my nod of disapproval and tried it on my shoulder IR and it contrary to my earlier belief, the " rubber- band kind of thing " improved it dramatically.

I had been privy to a few stretches and soft tissue release methods to improve it but nothing worked as effectively. Voodoo just added considerable ROM in a couple of minutes. Now, it has certainly become vital fitness accessory to use not only forme but formost of my clients alike.

I will share some success stories in the upcoming articles. Now, let's do a little dossier of the science with which it functions. For I mentioned about my being skeptic in disposition and I can’t accept anything without a sound rationale, at least in theory ;)

Science of voodoo:

There are three theories which may usher some light on how voodoo floss works, though this is just theory but at the same time no research and theory says it doesn't particularly work ;)


In this way we block the blood flow by using any band or crape bandage etc and release the blockage after15-30 seconds. It is believed that it increases the blood flow and endocrine response(Increase in human growth hormone and N.O.) which potentially improve the healing time.


When I used it first time on my right shoulder, I did some pushups and shoulder IR,I just couldn't believe how free my glenohumeral joint was. I had very restricted IR in my right shoulder and now it is not the case:)

It actually forces the joint to go in optimal position to perform the movement as joint has no option but to be centered.

It bring instant relief in pain, tightness and major increase in ROM.


The most emphatic argument is it breaks the fuzziness b/ w skin and superficial fascia which in turn allow freedom in movement.

Let’s go in boring science to comprehend this idea.
There are two thick "layers" of fascia. The layer associated with the skin is 
the Superficial Fascial Membrane.There is another layer which is very closely associated with muscle and skeleton, called the Deep Fascial Membrane .The deeper layer is not  simply a"wrap"around muscles and soft tissues, but is also integrated within these structures to pass force and information in every direction.

The superficial fascia is attached to the dermis via "skin ligaments", called the Retinaculum Cutis Superficialis (RCS). The superficial fascia is attached to the deep fascia via more soft tissue bridges; call the Retinaculum Cutis Profundus (RCP).

So, how does this concept support Voodoo Floss?

The strong elastic compression will quickly alter fascia's relation to all other aspects of the neuromuscular skeletal system when you move with it on. It would likely take some tension out of certain areas of the fascia, shifting it to otherareas via strong intra-sling/intra-layertension redistribution and inter-layershear. It's all about the tensegrity.

I am making a hunch that it can potentially alter neural input by making a quick change in the mechanical transmission of the fascial system (and it's many mechanoreceptors) when moving underneath some strong compression and stretchy-pulley forces.



No matter what somebody says, in my opinion  it works.We can bring more theories in support or in contradiction to it, but it won't change anything. So better go and wrap your joints with voodoo floss bands. 

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