Women's High Performance sports bra (Orange)

Rs. 1,299.00

For lasses who love their workout regimes as much as they love their morning coffee, this sports bra is here to take your fitness experience several notches up!

A female athlete’s best companion, these tested range of sport bras let you breathe and ensure an ease of movement during the most intense workout sessions.

The cups are built to maximize support and minimize movement, supporting ventilation and quick dry.

Wash Care Instructions:
To make it last, wash the bra in cold water with a powdery detergent, since liquids tend to clog fabric pores. Let it air dry and replace the bra with a new one after every 75 washes.

Activity level 

High intensity 

Material composition

Main material :- 90 % polester 10 % spandex

Mesh fabric :- 92 % polyester 8 % spandex

back linen material :- 85 % nylon 15 % spandex


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