WOD Grips

Rs. 1,599.00

Worried about lifting gloves that can be used for gymnastic at the same time. WOD Grips are perfect for both. Designed with tiny groves to hold more chalk for better grip.

Get full palm protection and crucial wrist support with these extremely comfortable grips. These grips are Washable , Breathable and Flexible. 

* Designed to Prevent Hand Tearing 

* Provides Crucial Wrist support 

* Absorb Chalk and Sweat 

* Washable and Durable 

* Sold in Pairs

WOD Grips are Designed specially to absorb chalk and sweat which combine for extra grip without bunching or pinching and provides a natural glide on the bar to absorb friction. If you want maximum protection with minimal feel WOD Grips are for you.

Measure from your wrist to base of middle finger size's are 


  4.5" to 5".(inches)


  4" to 4.5".(inches)


  up to 4". (inches)