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WOD Balm Tear Repair

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(Fix Your Hands)

Have you ever felt your blisters about to rip with only 5 pull ups to go in your workout? 

We have. We know the feeling of wanting the reps more than wanting not to rip. In the moment, the adrenaline makes you forget the pain anyway. 

You get the reps and the workout ends.... and then it's time to wash your hands for the first time... 

Ahhh the fire!  

If you've known this pain, then you know the stinging feeling of pain as you try, hands as claws, to wash your hair without getting soap or water anywhere near your stinging palms...

Imagine having to wash your hands about 50 times in the 12 hours after ripping each palm in a minimum of two spots. Now you know what I was feeling on the day I decided to formulate Tear Repair® 

I hate to put chemicals on my body. I can feel the difference between petroleum waxes and natural waxes and butters. I'll never use petroleum-based paraffin wax or mineral oil in any of my products. These 'ingredients' are by-products of the petroleum industry and belong inside your body about as much as motor oil does...not at all ;-)

Tear Repair's unique formula of herbs and essential oils provides Great, All Natural, herbal first aid for small cuts, scrapes, and minor abrasions. Though everyone's experience is unique, most users report immediate relief, and skin healed over within a couple of days.

A great value and an thoughtful gift for that new CrossFitter on your list.

Blisters on the palms are very common among crossfitters, especially when start getting pull ups and Toes to Bar. Tear Repar is great for all kinds of cuts and abrasions, but I started formulating it for those awful tender spots that result from the bursing of two (or more) large blisters, all in the same workout...

So.... When that new crossfitter you know starts posting photos of their bloody palms on Instagram, that's the perfect time to gift them some Tear Repair®. 

In addition to helping heal cuts and broken blisters, Tear Repair® applied to unbroken calluses will hydrate the densely layered skin and keep the callus from tearing during workouts.
If you already *LOVE* Tear Repair, then this kit might be for you...if it's not, then you're probably looking for Tear Repair® on back to the Listings, you'll find it there.

Tear Repair is made with all natural ingredients: Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Olive Oil, Chamomile Flowers, Comfrey Leaf, Tea Tree Oil, Lavender Oil, Vitamin E Oil.