• WOD Balm gift pack - wodarmour
  • WOD Balm gift pack - wodarmour
  • WOD Balm gift pack - wodarmour

WOD Balm gift pack

Rs. 1,499.00

  • Highly effective, all natural line of WOD Balm products.
  • The bag contains a 1/3 oz travel size of WOD Balm Sore Muscle Rub, a full size Tear Repair, and a hand-gathered, eco-friendly pumice stone from Mt. Shasta, CA
  • All are packaged in a clear, snap-close vinyl gift bag.
  • All natural Body care Products


WOD Balm (Made In U.S.A) is designed to bring relief to hard core athletes who give their all during every workout... and are rewarded for their efforts with some seriously sore muscles.

No matter what sport you do, if it leaves you sore and aching, give WOD Balm a try.WOD Balm soothes sore muscles and relieves pain on contact. This powerful combination of herbs and essential oils speeds circulation to wherever it is applied, warming and cooling the affected area.

 Use before or after workouts or whenever sore/strained/tense muscles are letting you know where they are.

Tear Repair's unique formula of herbs and essential oils provides Great, All Natural, herbal first aid for small cuts, scrapes, and minor abrasions. Though everyone's experience is unique, most users report immediate relief, and skin healed over within a couple of days.