VENT Filtration Training mask


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All of the hard-earned benefits you work so hard for in your workout such as improved heart health, increased respiratory fitness, etc. can be undone when the presence of particulate pollution and allergens are in the air around you. Additionally - the dangers can actually increase for your cardiovascular system and lungs when the air is unsafe. During exercise you will increase the amount of air you breathe from 12 liters of air per minute, to as much as 100 liters of air per minute meaning that you are exposing your fully open lungs to far more pollutants or allergens in polluted, dusty, or high allergen areas. But there is good news. Training Mask has you covered with the revolutionary VENT Performance Filtration Breathing Trainer.

3 Masks in ONE

VENT by Training Mask is the only performance filtration breathing trainer on the market offering 3 modes based on your goals. VENT is a pure carbon activated filtration mask if you don’t want resistance, a breathing trainer with the filters removed if the workout conditions are safe, and a filtration breathing trainer if you use both the resistance and filtration.

Premium Performance - Superior Value

Training Mask VENT’s carbon activated filtration system keeps the filters out of contact with your face keeping the grime from the polluted air off your skin during your workouts and activities. VENT’s filters have also been tested at Nelson Laboratories to insure peak performance. VENT features a cryotech heat dissipating, moisture wick, one-size-fits-all sleeve for optimal form fitting comfort, (10) Carbon Activated Respurity Filters, Expanded User’s Manual, Head Anchor Strap for Rigorous Activities, and a 3 Year Protection Plan with product authentication.


Outdoor / Indoor air quality can undo all of the positive benefits from your workout and also increases the risk for lung damage as you can breathe in 8X more air while training. Training Mask VENT will protect your lungs in unsafe air conditions featuring 3 different levels of carbon activated filtration.


Breathing training will elevate your fitness, stamina, and endurance by increasing your capacity for high intensity exercise. Training Mask VENT features 6 on-the-fly dialable resistance zones using the all new state of the art Respurity air flow system to push your fitness harder so you can get in shape faster.


Training Mask VENT is up to the challenge for all of your physical indoor/outdoor activities in poor air conditions from workouts, cycling, and running to lawn care, dust cleaning, and carpentry. VENT can do it all. One mask to protect your lung health and improve your physical fitness – 3 Solutions in One – Training Mask VENT.

Protect Your Heart & Lungs - Improve Your Fitness with VENT

Quality is Training Mask's top priority. The TrainingMask family of breathing trainers are the most effective, studied, and trusted workout masks available on the market. TrainingMask is the pioneer of the functional performance respiratory trainer - Don't be fooled by the knockoffs - TrainingMask does it BEST. The latest innovation in the Training Mask family of breathing trainers, VENT, is truly the first of its kind combining performance breathing training and carbon activated filtration in one solution.

Training Mask VENT is Made in the USA following rigorous quality standards and is painstakingly manufactured to protect you while it helps you take your fitness or sports performance to the next level. VENT combines all of Training Mask's latest innovations and introduces new ones such as the Respurity Air Flow system which strengthens your lungs when you dial up the intensity in addition to protecting your cardiovascular system from unsafe breathing conditions. Don't compromise your breathing health. Get the all new Training Mask VENT today.


2.2 Ltr Gallon Bottle
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Wrist strap
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Calf Compression ( Single piece )
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Weight lifting Belt
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