Sweatshop 5 mm Knee sleeve

Rs. 1,799.00

  • 1 Pair Knee Support / knee sleeves - 5mm neoprene for optimum support while maintaining mobility.
  • Increase your knee strength and improve Workout/Athletic performance. | Neoprene Compression and warmth helps reduce the risk of injury and aids recovery.
  • Stabilizes your knee and helps reduce muscle and joint fatigue during intensive and heavy weight exercises. | Ideal for Weight Lifting, CrossFit, Power-lifting, Gym, Running and other Fitness Workouts.
  • Helps relieve muscle stiffness and soreness, pain and knee discomfort, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Tendonitis etc
  • Knee sleeves provide protection to your knees after incurring an injury, as well as preventing injuries or the reoccurrence of your injuries. With the level of compression that these sleeves offer, blood flow and circulation are enhanced, which enable you to have more stable movements. Precision control and stability of the knees boost your performance no matter how tough the activity may be on this part of your leg.

Superior Support during Workouts The SweatShop 5mm Neoprene Knee Sleeves will provide the best support and compression while performing a variety of exercises including: Squats Power Cleans Snatches Box Jumps Lunges, and more The sleeves are 5mm in thickness FOR OPTIMAL SUPPORT AND COMFORT. The sleeves fit snug for added support and compression. Keep your knees warm while performing a variety of movements and eliminate injury.