Wrist strap

Rs. 499.00

Supportive and stylish, these wrist wraps provide sturdy support when you want to go overboard with your weightlifting. These super affordable wrist bands are made from a cotton, elastane, and polyester blend and have a convenient thumb loop for a secure grip, yet ensuring wrist mobility.The wrist bands are sold in pairs and come in two sizes: Small (12") & Medium (18")

Product Feature:-

  • High quality weightlifting workout wrist straps from WOD Armour ; for improved wrist and forearm support during intense exercise routines. 
  • These heavy duty wrist wraps are a good alternative to traditional training gloves; allowing you to keep your hands open and free while still providing your wrists protection from injuries.
  • Featuring a fully elasticated design and velcro fastener, these wrist protectors can be adjusted to fit perfectly; allowing you all of the benefits and avoiding a sprained or otherwise injured wrist from poor form or accidents during your workouts.
  • Suitable to use with various free weights including dumbbells and barbells, and while performing kettlebell, deadlift, CrossFit and powerlifting exercises. Includes an elastic thumb loop for added support.
  • These professional wrist braces can be used by both men and women. 
  • Sold in pair