• Yoga socks For Balance and Stability (purple) - wodarmour
  • Yoga socks For Balance and Stability (purple) - wodarmour
  • Yoga socks For Balance and Stability (purple) - wodarmour

Yoga socks For Balance and Stability (purple)

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Our high-performance, non-slip Pilates socks are ideal for barefoot exercises. From yoga and barre classes to martial arts applications and more, you’ll feel secure in your movements, and your feet will have complete range of motion. Elastic trim supports your ankles throughout your workout, and the top of each sock remains open to allow ample airflow. This innovative design gives you the best of both worlds. If you can’t wear shoes but prefer not to go completely barefoot, these non-slip Pilates socks are the perfect solution. Since the toes are open and only the first two toes are separated, you can easily make the small balance adjustments that are often necessary in various workouts. 

Let your toes be free, yet still reap the benefits of wearing a yoga sock to practice with these grippy socks.

These socks are ideal for not only yoga, but also ballet, Pilates, and barre. Non-slip grips help ensure the proper footing during any tricky poses, and the heel tab provides added support.

 Asides from the pure bliss you feel wearing Yoga socks, you may also experience the following benefits:

✶ Improved stability, balance, and grip so you can hold positions longer without slipping 
✶ Helps prevent falls and injury 
✶ Snug & Comfortable 
✶ Travel without a mat 
✶ Maximum comfort and versatility 
✶ Open top, half-toe design allows your feet to breathe 
✶ Gives you the barefoot feel without compromising grip 
✶ Performs well on many different hard floor types (wood, tile, smooth concrete etc.) 
✶ Helps improve blood flow to the feet

Ideal For:

✶ Pilates 
✶ Barre 
✶ Martial Arts 
✶ Long distance travel or long flights 
✶ Great for use around the house to keep feet comfy and avoid slipping. 
✶ Hospital patients and elderly people who need extra barefoot stability and help improving circulation in the feet.

Whether you’re stretching, holding, jumping, kicking, spinning, or just walking around the house, Yoga socks has your feet covered.

Superior comfort and maximum durability! High-quality cotton blend provides perfect stretch and breathability.

Anti-slip/anti-skid grip design lets you exercise, dance, and jump while maintaining balance and stability. Toe-less, open foot allows for a more natural barefoot experience without sacrificing grip.


Ideal for travel, studio, and gym use.

Perfect for Yoga, Pilates, Barre, and Dance.