Mobility Ball for Deep Tissue Massage

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Mobility Ball for Deep Tissue Massage, Muscle Recovery, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, and Plantar Fasciitis Designed for Crossfit, Weightlifting, Yoga, and Athletics

Mobility Ball is engineered and designed for athletes of all levels. Common side effects of physical activity include muscle soreness and lack of mobility which lead to decreased performance. Get back to doing what you love sooner all while feeling recovered and rejuvenated. Roll thoroughly and often!


  • Accelerate recovery, reduce soreness, correct muscular imbalances, improve daily function, and increase mobility
  • Engineered with multifaceted grooves to target various muscle groups that lacrosse balls and foam rollers just can't reach
  • Helps relieve back pain, plantar fasciitis, and other fitness related injuries by smoothing fascia
  • Won't slide against the floor, wall, or your skin with its latex-free durable rubber design
  • Lightweight and portable


    - Trigger Point Therapy

    - Myofascial Release

    - Relieves Muscle Knots and Tight Muscles

    - Recovery and Rejuvenation of Sore Muscles

    - Relieves Stress and Tension

    - Alleviates Cramps and Kinks

    - Generates Blood Flow and Increases Flexibility


    - Diameter: 3.14 inches / 8 cm

    - Full Rubber Design - Latex Free