HABBIT Active Whey Protein

Rs. 799.00


Made for Movement

Whether it’s an easy jog around the block or your mid-day cravings, Habbit Active is for you. Creamy and flavourful, formulated using Grade-A whey protein, it is essential nutrition to meet your daily protein requirements.

Grade - A

Zero Added Sugar


No Chemicals

Why Protein?

Proteins are an essential part of every cell in your body and to lead a healthier lifestyle you need to consume approximately 0.8 grams per 1kg of your body weight, even if you’re not exercising. Didn’t really know that did you! We did, so we made a tasty, creamy protein shake to help you meet your daily nutrition goals. Regardless of your age or how much you’re exercising, Habbit Proteins are meant for everyone.

Grade – A

At Habbit, we only use A2 milk from a special breed of organic grass-fed cows, which are given a Non-GMO diet. Our Pea Proteins are made from organic yellow peas, cultivated without fertilizers. The entire Habbit Protein value chain is free from chemicals which makes all our products organic and natural, that is kind to the environment and good for your body.

What’s Inside?

Product Info

Double Chocolate, Vintage Vanilla, Banana Drama, Strawberry Feels, Caffe Latte, Cookie Dough, Mega Mango
Grade-A Whey Protein Concentrates, Grade A Whey Protein Isolates, Flavour, Stevia (INS 960), Natural & Nature Identical Flavouring Substances
7 Days, 15 Days, 30 Days

Nutritional Info

ENERGY (KCAL)       119.76
PROTEIN (G)            24.19
EAAS (G)                  11.60
BCAAS (G)                5.54
GLUTAMINE (G)       3.80
FAT (G)                     1.76
CARBS (G)                1.79