Spiky Deep Tissue Double Massage Ball Peanut Lacrosse Balls

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  • JUST WHAT YOU NEED FOR A HAPPIER AND HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE: Designed for athletes, professional desk sitters, strenuous job workers, anyone looking to increase flexibility and range of motion, treat plantar fasciitis, and or other general daily activity. Bid farewell to muscle soreness, fatigue, and cramping anytime, anywhere; on the go. Easily bring your spiky double massage ball peanut with you everywhere you go with our complimentary carrying bag designed to fit your needs.
  • DURABLE AND DESIGNED TO PERFECTION: Our sleek massage peanut is expertly crafted using our Polypropylene technology which works hand and hand with off rounded off spiked points to stimulate the perfect level of density and resistance. It is built small and powerful making it ideal for every location of stress you need (something our competitors can’t compete with). This simulates the very best deep tissue massage bring you the muscle relief that your body has been waiting for your whole life
  • BETTER THAN OUR COMPETITORS: This Material is eco-friendly and 100% recyclable. Our massage ball has rounded off spiked edges creating just the perfect level of density and resistance towards the muscles. This makes our product be superior to our competitors as it does by far the best job of breaking up adhesions and stimulating blood flow for better circulation. A perfect replacement to a bulky grid foam roller.