BONO BED ( Recovery Mattress)

Rs. 46,000.00

Quality sleep and rest are crucial for muscle growth and recovery. Understanding this, we made the perfect mattress that gives you uninterrupted, quality sleep so you recover and grow faster and rest better.

 Our research in material science ensures you get full and restful sleep which stimulates quicker recovery and release of growth hormones.



Designed in USA      Recover Faster      Designed for everyone        CertPUR-US  

Ergonomic Design for Better Recovery

Our proprietary design ensures that your body gets the right amount of comfort after a tiring workout session and the right amount of support so your spine remains aligned no matter what position you sleep in.


Relief for Back and Muscle Pain

The perfect combination of contouring comfort and

orthopedic support for a balanced feel that hugs your body offering ideal spinal posture and pressure relief-no matter how you sleep.


Safety First

The Bonobed is made with the safest and most innovative foams and fab- rics and has no carcinogens or allergens or ozone depleting chemicals and meets international safetystandards.