Theragun Relaunches As Therabody With A New Generation Of Product

Since launching their first product in 2016, Theragun has been a leader in percussive therapy by concentrating on a core line of sleek and powerful devices that are built to simply make people feel better.

2019 marked the release of Theragun’s G3PRO, and it quickly became quite common to see these devices in top fitness centers and in the hands of physical therapists, trainers, chiropractors, athletes like Kyrie Irving, and a number of celebrities like Diddy, Adam Levine and DJ Khaled. Though the real appeal was that Theragun was offering professional-grade muscle relief packaged up in an easy-to-use gadget accessible to everyday people, and the world was jumping on it.

Now, Theragun is not only introducing the fourth generation of their trusted therapy guns, but the creation of TheraOne, a line of USDA Certified Organic CBD products as well as a total rebrand under the name, Therabody, to holistically hub their suite of wellness solutions.

Dr. Jason Wersland, who founded Theragun out of pure necessity following a debilitating motorcycle accident, honed in on consumer feedback to develop Generation 4. For the older guns, the vibrations were audibly intense and definitely sounded as powerful as they felt, which inevitably became the most prominent criticism among users. “Our customers’ needs inspire our innovations,” Wersland explained to Forbes. “We are a customer-first company, constantly listening to understand what our customers need to live a healthy, happy lifestyle. We’ll come out with the best products and services backed by science and fueled by innovation and technology to help them to do that.” The new guns are remarkably quiet in comparison to past models thanks to Therabody’s proprietary brushless, commercial-grade motor with QuietForce technology that took 22 months to develop.

In terms of design, the guns retain their multi-grip, ergonomic shape but with more modern touches, plus seven attachment options to personalize your treatments. For the Pro ($599) and the Prime ($299), the customizable speed range allows users to truly target and scale the strength of their therapy, and newly added Bluetooth connectivity tethers to a complete app experience with guided, preset routines based on your daily activity and lifestyle.

The most exciting new addition to the product line is the mini; the compact model with three speeds and integrated QuietForce technology to maintain the same quality as its siblings. The grip is comfortable and agile, allowing the user to still reach those tough-to-get spots even with a smaller device. The portability truly makes it a dream companion for travelers (have you ever dreamed of having a massage in-flight?), fitness enthusiasts who can now toss this in a gym bag, and folks who need a little relief at the office can tuck this into a briefcase. At $199, the mini is the most affordable model for Therabody to-date.

While Therabody had originally intended to unveil their rebrand and new generation in early March, the company decided to postpone their announcement following the COVID-19 outbreak. In the interim, they pivoted to helping those on the frontlines with an approach they know best: rest and recovery. Therabody donated 300+ new devices to hospital break rooms, offering healthcare providers a bit of physical rehab in over 60 hospitals around the globe. Amid the chaos, the silver lining is that at-home wellness activities and fitness equipment sales have surged exponentially (by 307% to be exact) since the virus has forced activity indoors.


Article Credit:- Taylor Boozan


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